Used HURON EX-30N #9051614 for sale

ID: 9051614
Vintage: 1998
Machining center, 1998 vintage.
HURON EX-30N is a high-performance machine tool designed for precision machining and tooling applications. It combines advanced in-line design technology with a solid build to ensure quality production. Featuring a rigid, vibration-resistant and stable spindle, EX-30N is the ideal machine for both high-speed hard material machining, such as alloy steels, aluminium and titanium as well as for soft material machining such as plastics. It features vector control technology that ensures greater accuracy, improved machining results and precise tooling. The machine boasts unparalleled repeatability, a rapid response to commands and accelerations that can reach 2 m/s2. Moreover, the machine has an ergonomic spindle turret to make operation easy. This also ensures that the cutting efficiency is improved, and a greater machining quality is achieved. HURON EX-30N has a high-tech user interface which allows operators to easily program cutting jobs with intuitive graphic tools. Through a programmable CNC control equipment, users can accurately simulate the tool, set the necessary parameters and preview the cutting results. The machine is connected to an automatic lubrication system and tool cooler to increase productivity and improve performance. In addition, the cutting-edge control unit has a tool library that allows easy storage of cutting tools. The machine also features a self-diagnostics and monitoring feature so it can detect any issues and minimize downtime. Furthermore, EX-30N also has an automatic thread cutting and thread tapping feature. This feature allows the user to preset the threading depths and stands for various thread types. As a result, the machine can automatically tap and thread without delays. HURON EX-30N is designed to maximize accuracy, efficiency and productivity. It is the perfect tool for precision machining and tooling applications and will boost your company's production rate.
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