Used IBARMIA ZV 25 #9051583 for sale

ZV 25
ID: 9051583
Vintage: 2001
Machining center, 2001 vintage.
IBARMIA ZV 25 is a compact machining center that offers high precision and consistent results. This machine tool is designed for accurate machining of small parts. It has a heavily reinforced cast iron bed frame for dampening and improved accuracy. This machine has an adjustable preloaded precision ballscrew drive system which lifts the tool up and down in Y direction to provide the required cutting force. The controls for this machine are located on an easily accessible control panel. ZV 25 also includes a 0.0001" CNC push button jog control system for increased accuracy. The X and Y axes have linear ways and support screw while the Z axis utilizes servo motors that are connected to a precision recirculating ballscrew. The drive motors are electronically controlled for smooth, vibration free cutting performance. The spindle is driven by a servo motor and has a maximum speed of 8000 rpm. It features a three tool timed turret and is able to hold up to eight tools. The spindle is held in place by a belt and ballscrew structure for increased rigidity. The drill depth is limited only by the height of the workpiece because of IBARMIA ZV 25's Z-axis travel. It has a rapid traverse of 450 IPM and a standard feed rate of 260 IPM. The versatility of this machine is enhanced by its ability to handle various sized tools such as end mills, drills, reamers, and taps up to 1.25" in diameter. It also has a manual quill spindle that provides drilling or reaming up to 2" in diameter. ZV 25 best performs with small blanks and finished parts. It employs a powerful control technology along with its sophisticated software to provide ultimate accuracy and decreased downtime. This machine is well suited for a variety of intricate machining operations such as milling, drilling, boring, tapping, and reaming. The machine tool is rigidly reinforced with vibration dampening insulation, which ensures superior cutting and finishing results. IBARMIA ZV 25 is an industry level machine that can be used to produce a variety of precision parts in a variety of materials. This machine is highly reliable and efficient, providing consistent results with every use.
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