Used JAESPA W 260AL #9066974 for sale

W 260AL
ID: 9066974
Vintage: 2009
Automatic band saw 2009 vintage.
JAESPA W 260AL is a heavy duty automatic lathe machine tool designed to produce large-scale precision turned parts. It features a robust, durable cast iron construction with hardened and ground guideways, providing tremendous rigidity and stability. W 260AL comes with three high-resolution digital feedback AC servomotors, ensuring precise positioning and accurate machining. The machine has a maximum turning diameter of 260mm and a maximum cutting length of 500mm. The headstock can be indexed in two directions, allowing for more complex parts to be machined. Its powerful main spindle motor provides a high spindle speed that reaches up to 1,900 RPM, optimizing productivity. A double-purpose polygon drive system allows short-period high feedrate to be achieved, while reducing cutting time and improving workpiece surface finish. A wide range of tooling and accessories can be adapted to JAESPA W 260AL machine, ensuring maximum productivity. This includes automatic VDI and driven tools as well as chucks and clamping equipment. An automatic lubrication system can be automatically activated to keep parts cool and reduce wear. An advanced control system also provides full CNC functionality, mitigating manpower and maximizing precision. W 260AL's comprehensive range of features makes it an ideal choice for customers in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and more. It is a highly versatile machine tool that can produce precise and intricate parts to exceptionally high levels of accuracy. Its robust construction ensures exceptional performance and reliability, while its economical price makes it a value-for-money option.
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