Used KAIDO KMW-2BTQ #9038469 for sale

ID: 9038469
Battery winding machine.
KAIDO KMW-2BTQ is a two-spindle CNC machine tool, designed for precision machining of complex parts. The machine features a compact frame with a horizontal spindle and two opposing X-axis rails designed to accommodate various tools and fixtures. The two opposing spindles are powered by independent X-axis drive motors, allowing for multiple simultaneous cutting operations. The spindles are each capable of rotating at speeds up to 12,000 RPM. The machine also features a servo-driven Y-axis rail, providing the option of long cutting operations. The machine is also equipped with a powerful software package, allowing the user to program complicated tool paths for the cutting operations. This software is ideal for milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, and counterboring operations. The spindles are each equipped with an adjustable spindle speed controller, allowing for improved accuracy and repeatability of results. The machine also features a robust construction, equipped with a heavy-duty cast iron structure to ensure the machine is able to power through complex machining operations. The machine is designed to generate minimal vibration and noise during operation, making it suitable for use in both contractor and industrial settings. For optimal safety, the machine includes a built-in emergency stop, an operator safety shield, and a safety enclosure. The operator safety shield keeps operators out of the machine's path of movement, while the safety enclosure prevents hazardous particles from being discharged into the environment. The machine also features a range of additional safety features, such as interlock control and machine guarding. Overall, KMW-2BTQ is an ideal machine tool for users looking for precision machining capabilities in a compact and robust machine package. It is designed to generate high-precision results, while delivering solid performance, flexibility, and safety.
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