Used KENT KTM-3H #9059698 for sale

ID: 9059698
Vintage: 2003
Vertical turret milling machine 2003 vintage.
KENT KTM-3H is a high-precision, heavy-duty CNC milling machine that is designed for three-axis operations. It is equipped with a 3,000-RPM spindle, which offers precise surface finishing and drilling capabilities. KTM-3H is also equipped with a range of milling tools capable of cutting through a variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel and other metals. It is outfitted with a fully enclosed steel body and is equipped with a host of features to help keep production running smoothly. This powerful machine is powered by an AC drive motor that allows it to reach spindle speeds of up to 3,000 RPM. Its rapid traverse rate is also rated at 15,400 IPM and its Axes feed rate is rated at 7,700 IPM, making it suitable for a variety of milling needs. It has a work table size a 23" x 9" travel, allowing it to take on large pieces of material. Additionally, its table also has a maximum load capacity of 500lbs, making it suitable for large-scale operations. KENT KTM-3H also features an automatic tool changer with 12 positions, allowing for quick tool set up with minimal downtime. It also has an extremely high level of accuracy, with a repeatability of 0.0001", enabling it to achieve fine detailedl results. Furthermore, it is equipped with high-precision linear guide ways, and a 0.0001" resolution linear measuring scale, allowing it to achieve precise results with very little effort. KTM-3H is also built with an intuitive CNC controller that allows the operator to control movement along the three axes as well as to quickly and easily program and change up to 13 different functions. It also has a Super Rigid construction and vibration dampened cast iron body that minimizes noise levels, ensuring user comfort. Finally, it is equipped with an industrial grade PC controller that enables support for the latest 3D software, improving product development efficiency. In conclusion, KENT KTM-3H is a powerful and accurate machine tool that provides the highest level of quality and precision. With its AC drive motor, rapid traverse rate, powerful tool changer and intuitive CNC controller, it has the capabilities to complete a variety of manufacturing projects in a fraction of the time. Furthermore, its robust construction, combined with its advanced features, make it an ideal machine for heavy-duty industrial manufacturing.
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