Used MAZAK Integrex 200 II SY #9052152 for sale

MAZAK Integrex 200 II SY
ID: 9052152
Vintage: 2001
CNC Turning / milling center, 2001 vintage.
MAZAK Integrex 200 II SY is a precision machine tool made by MAZAK Corporation, a Japanese-based machining and fabrication corporation in operation since 1919. It combines several machining operations into a single integrated equipment, allowing for increased accuracy and decreased production time. This type of integrated machining system is increasingly becoming the de facto standard for many organizations in the manufacturing industry. Integrex 200 II SY uses advanced Multi-Tasking technology to provide the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability. It combines several machining operations such as drilling, turning, milling, and grinding into a single setup, allowing the user to produce complex parts more quickly and efficiently. The machine is equipped with a high-speed spindle (up to 12,000 rpm) and a 45-position automatic tool changer for quicker setup times and maximum performance. In addition, the unit is equipped with a variety of CNC controls, including the Mazatrol Fusion 640M control machine which features an intuitive, user-friendly interface and 3D simulation for faster and more efficient operation. MAZAK Integrex 200 II SY offers several benefits for the user. It is capable of machining complex parts quickly and accurately, improving efficiency and throughput. In addition, the machine features a variety of safety features and safeguards, including a myriad of sensors, an automatic chip evacuation tool, and a host of programmable safety protocols. These features ensure that the operator is kept safe and that the machine is operated at optimal performance levels. The machine is compact in size, allowing it to be installed in even the most confined of workspaces. Furthermore, the machine features a powerful and efficient cooling asset to keep the motor and systems running smoothly, resulting in increased performance and better workpiece finishes. In addition to the machine itself, Integrex 200 II SY is accompanied by a host of accessories and options, including an array of tooling packages, workholding systems, and various machining packages. These options ensure that the machine can be tailored to the user's individual needs, allowing for better operation and productivity. In conclusion, MAZAK Integrex 200 II SY is a powerful, precision machine with a variety of features designed to increase efficiency and reduce production times. It boasts a high-speed spindle, a 45-position automatic tool changer, a variety of CNC controls, and safety features that ensure the operator remains safe. Furthermore, the model is accompanied by a variety of accessories that allow the user to tailor the machine to their individual needs.
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