Used MAZAK Integrex 200 SY #9052153 for sale

MAZAK Integrex 200 SY
Integrex 200 SY
ID: 9052153
Vintage: 2000
CNC Turning / milling center, 2000 vintage.
MAZAK Integrex 200 SY is a dual spindle, 3-turret machine designed specifically for complex, multi-function applications. It is designed to provide the utmost accuracy and precision in parts production, with a high level of dependability, allowing for unattended operation. The 200 SY has a wide range of features and capabilities, including dual spindle operation, a three-turret specification capable of independent operation, a high powered synchronous motor, a high-rigidity bed, built-in thermal compensation, and a Y-axis slide. The dual spindles on the 200 SY operate at speeds up to 4,400 RPM, allowing it to quickly process parts. The three-turret construction enhances production by enabling the machining of complex jobs in fewer setups. The powerful synchronous motor ensures a higher torque curve for faster and more efficient chip removal. The high-rigidity bed assures accurate part positioning, while the built-in thermal compensation provides additional stability and compensates for environmental effects. The Y-axis slide further enhances job capabilities, providing the 200 SY with extended, multi-directional machining capabilities. The 200 SY is a reliable machine that offers a wide range of features and capabilities, allowing it to process complex parts quickly and accurately. The multiple spindles and turrets allow the machine to efficiently process intricate parts in fewer setups, while the solid construction and high-powered motor provide dependable operation. The built-in adjustability features of the 200 SY enable precise work to be performed on a variety of materials, while the Y-axis allows for extended multi-directional machining capabilities. This machine is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a reliable, high-precision machine tool for their production needs.
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