Used NAKAZAWA KIKO MB-600D #9050473 for sale

ID: 9050473
Vintage: 2004
Crimping tool No regulator 2004 vintage.
NAKAZAWA KIKO MB-600D is a highly versatile machine tool manufactured by NAKAZAWA KIKO Ltd. in Japan. MB-600D is a horizontal boring and milling machine, which combines both the functions and capabilities of vertical and horizontal machining centers. It is designed for a wide variety of machining applications, such as milling and drilling of a wide range of materials in the field of energy, shipbuilding, aerospace, industrial and automotive industries. The overall dimensions of NAKAZAWA KIKO MB-600D are 3,400 mm (L) x 3,300 mm (W) x 4,400 mm (H). The maximum weight of the machine is 12,000 kg. The main features of the machine include an advanced CNC control equipment, which enables providing precise control, motion and accuracy of machining; a multi-axis operating system that can be easily programmed; a powerful spindle that allows drilling and milling operations at high speeds; an ergonomically designed sheet metal cabinet for easy operation; a vibration dampening unit, which helps to reduce machining vibrations; and ultra-precision stabilization. MB-600D has a high precision basic structure and uses H-frame gantry design, making the machine more rigid and enabling higher accuracy and maximum feed rates. The spindle of the machine is a powerful 4-axis gearbox drive motor with variable frequency motor drive motor and positon control machine for precise axis positioning. Another feature of the machine is its automatic tool changer (ATC), which ensures efficient tool changing and automatic positioning of the tools. NAKAZAWA KIKO MB-600D is equipped with a wide range of features, such as an automated coolant tool and an advanced pallet asset, which enables quick and accurate handling of parts. The machine has a comprehensive safety model, including a protective cover to prevent foreign objects from entering the control systems. The machine has a range of optional accessories, including a zero return equipment, rapid traverse type spindle encoders, linearscale, and a dust collector system. MB-600D provides high performance and high quality operation, making it ideal for achieving precise and accurate machining of various materials.
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