Used OKUMA LVT 300M #9052178 for sale

LVT 300M
ID: 9052178
Vintage: 2002
Vertical machining center, 2002 vintage.
OKUMA LVT 300M is a high-precision, vertical machining center that offers large machining capability with enhanced levels of productivity. The machine, with a spindle drive capacity of 22.5 kW and a spindle speed of 20,000 min-1, is designed for high-precision machining from raw material to finished parts. LVT 300M is an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications including, but not limited to, the aerospace, food and beverage, automotive, and medical industries. OKUMA LVT 300M comes with a 5-Axis table design for added capacity and greater flexibility. The machine is intelligently designed to provide smoothindexing and high-precision machining of complex 3-D contours. The high-precision table features servo drives for improved accuracy and positioning with a repeatability of ±0.001 mm. For even greater accuracy, the machine includes a Y-axis compensation equipment, which helps to limit side-to-side oscillation. The advanced system features mean that LVT 300M is capable of simultaneous five-axis machining. The machine is equipped with an OKUMA Coolant Unit which is able to cool down tools and material during machining, as well as removing chips and dust for a cleaner working environment. The machine also features 32 tool Auto Tool Changer with a magazine capacity of 40 tools to reduce time spent tool changing and improve overall productivity. OKUMA LVT 300M is designed for increased user convenience. The machine is equipped with OKUMA OSP-P300M operating machine, which provides accurate data input/output capabilities, as well as all the necessary data for machine operations. The operator can monitor the progress of the machine operation through the PC based user-friendly graphical interface. Manual data input is simplified, with the use of macros, and the ability to save and print program. In addition, LVT 300M includes an OKUMA Touch Probe Tool, which uses a contact or non-contact tool setting asset to automatically measure tool lengths, points, and diameter and position of hole patterns. This model helps to minimize set-up times, and ensures precision of tools and parts. OKUMA LVT 300M is a highly-precise and reliable machining center, designed with the latest technology. It is efficient, user-friendly, and offers improved levels of productivity, allowing for the production of complex parts with precision and accuracy.
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