Used SCHIESS 20 DS 160 #9052183 for sale

20 DS 160
ID: 9052183
Vintage: 1983
Vertical machining center, 1983 vintage.
SCHIESS 20 DS 160 is a stationary, heavy-duty vertical lathe manufactured by SCHIESS AG, a precision machine tool specialist based in Germany. It is designed for large-scale machining operations, with a capacity of up to 160 mm. The lathe is equipped with an advanced CNC unit that enables it to produce extremely precise parts within tight tolerances and repeatable accuracy. The machine has a robust cast-iron base that provides stability and rigidity for greater machining efficiency and longer tool life. An advanced headstock design ensures smooth, continuous operation and extended product life. 20 DS 160 features a digital control system that enables it to accurately execute complex machining requirements. The machine's programming capabilities are user friendly and allow operators to easily create, modify and save programs. The lathe is equipped with a 3,000 RPM spindle that is powerful enough to execute roughing operations and perform fine finishing operations on a variety of material types. SCHIESS 20 DS 160 is also equipped with an 8-tool turret that is capable of storing multiple tool holders to accommodate a variety of machining operations. The machine is capable of achieving superior repeatable accuracy and creating contours, profiles, holes, pockets, threads, and tapers. The lathe features an integrated cooling system that ensures the tool and workpiece remain within a precisely controlled temperature range, helping to ensure uniform cutting performance and extended tool life. 20 DS 160 is extremely reliable and provides advanced diagnostic features that enable the machine to remain up and running for extended periods of time without interruption. Overall, SCHIESS 20 DS 160 is a highly advanced and reliable vertical lathe that is capable of producing high-quality results with pinpoint precision. It is well suited for industries that require high levels of accuracy, including aerospace, automotive, and medical component manufacturing.
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