Used SCHUETTE WU 400 CNC 5C #9066970 for sale

WU 400 CNC 5C
ID: 9066970
Vintage: 1993
CNC Grinder 5-Axis tool Max. Grinding diameter 155 mm Grinding length 700 mm Workpiece length 700 mm Control num 760 F Grinding spindle head: Turning speed range - grinding spindle 1,800 - 12,000 u/min Driving power - grinding spindle 3 kw Axis stroke: X-axis 450 mm Y-axis 280 mm Z-axis 260 mm C-axis: Rotatable 330 ° Swivellable +/- 25 ° W-axis: Rotatable 355 ° Pitch 0.5 - 10,000 mm Feeds: Feed speeds x / y: 0,1 - 10.000 mm/min Feed speeds z: 0,1 - 5.000 mm/min 1993 vintage.
SCHUETTE WU 400 CNC 5C is a highly precise machine tool with the capability to perform high-speed and high-performance machining, making it ideal for a variety of manufacturing applications. It features a hydraulic power-driven universal rotary table, as well as a five-axis CNC control equipment, enabling it to produce complex shapes with high precision at low cycle times. The X-Y-Z travels are 400mm in each direction with a B- and C-axis tilt of +-30° to enable complex machining operations. The X-Y-Z axes are driven by linear motors to ensure fast and precise motioning. Additionally, WU 400 CNC 5C is equipped with a spindle unit that has variable speed control and maximum speed of up to 35,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). The machine is also equipped with a direct-drive torque motor that offers superior power, speed and accuracy. The CNC control system allows users to easily program and operate the machine's axis motions, as well as to support interpolation such as polar, linear, helical and circular interpolation. This allows for efficient and precise machining of complex curves and shapes. Furthermore, the unit includes conversational programming support as well as CAD/CAM software compatibility. SCHUETTE WU 400 CNC 5C is designed with numerous safety features, including a control-bed that is surrounded by guards to protect the operators and passersby from hazards. Additionally, features such as logging of production status, error monitoring, over-travel monitoring, program management and other advanced functions are available for quick operation and maintenance. In summary, WU 400 CNC 5C is an advanced machine tool capable of executing complex and accurate parts in a productive and efficient manner. It is equipped with five-axis CNC control machine, linear motor-driven X-Y-Z axes and a variable speed spindle unit with speeds up to 35,000 rpm, among other features designed for high speed, high accuracy, and safe operation.
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