Used SPINNER EH 86S #9051625 for sale

EH 86S
ID: 9051625
Vintage: 2007
CNC Machining center 2007 vintage.
SPINNER EH 86S is a multi-functional machine tool developed by SPINNER, a world-renowned machine tool manufacturer. It is designed for and capable of performing a wide variety of machining tasks, such as drilling, milling, turning, and grinding. EH 86S incorporates a robust main frame constructed from a durable cast iron, providing reliable performance and rigidity during any machining process. It utilizes a combination of vertical slide, cross slide, and spindle to increase versatility, allowing more complex machining procedures to be carried out without having to switch machines. At the heart of SPINNER EH 86S is an industry-standard Siemens SINAMICS motor drive equipment. This system is connected to a digital-analog AC motor servo control unit, providing precise speed and feed control for more accurate cut-offs and fine finishing touches. The machine also includes a modular tool turret machine, enabling tool changes to be made swiftly and efficiently. The spindle output can be adjusted via a hand wheel allowing for easy and precise manual adjustment to achieve the desired speed and feed rate settings. EH 86S provides superb adjustable accuracy, repeatability, and speed, making it suitable for use with both manual and automated operations. In addition, the machine can be configured to use a variety of materials, such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and plastics. The machine's advanced control and monitoring systems can be connected to a networked computer tool, allowing users to closely monitor the performance of the machine from any location. SPINNER EH 86S is an extremely versatile machine tool designed to handle a wide range of tasks. With its advanced speed control and cutting accuracy, EH 86S is the perfect machine tool for any modern workshop.
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