Used TBT ML 200-1-800 #9066744 for sale

TBT ML 200-1-800
ML 200-1-800
ID: 9066744
Vintage: 2000
Deephole boring machine Depth: 430 14 kW 2000 vintage.
TBT ML 200-1-800 machine tool is a highly advanced CNC vertical machining center. It is a top of the line machine for general machining operations, designed to provide precision parts in high speed production settings. The machine has a large working envelope, allowing for a variety of multi-axis machining operations. It features an impressive X-axis travel of 800mm from the spindle nose to the column, with Y- and Z- axis travels of 800mm and 500 mm respectively. This machine also features an infinitely adjustable work tank for dynamic machining applications. This machine also features a high speed, high-torque spindle. The spindle is powered by a 20kW motor, with torque ratings up to 203 Nm and speeds up to 6,000 rpm. It also features a direct-coupled two-speed spindle gearbox, providing a wide range of operating speeds to ensure high precision and accuracy. To ensure a smooth machining process, ML 200-1-800 comes with advanced tooling and clamping solutions. It features standard CAT40 plunge clamping with manual quick-change and auto-location to ensure accuracy and speed of switching tools. This machine also includes auto-available tool change positions, which can store up to 26 different tools and rapidly switch between them. The machine is also equipped with several safety features. For example, it includes a protective cover over the X-axis, to protect the operator from any accidental contact with the tooling. The machine also features sensor equipped inside the cover to detect any movement inside the machine, stopping the spindle immediately in case of any hazards. In conclusion, TBT ML 200-1-800 is a powerful and versatile machine tool, designed specifically for high accuracy and high speed machining applications. Its impressive work envelope, durable spindle, advanced tooling and clamping solutions and safety features make this machine ideal for a wide variety of industrial operations.
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