Used TOREN C6246-X-1500 #9052845 for sale

TOREN C6246-X-1500
ID: 9052845
CNC Lathe machine.
TOREN C6246-X-1500 is a CNC horizontal machining center. It is designed for high-precision machining of a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium, and plastic. It has a controller with a 3-axis control and multi-axis capability that can be used for extra flexibility in production. This machine offers simultaneous 5-axis motion control capability with up to 25,000 rpm spindle speed and feed rates up to 2,500 ipm. C6246-X-1500 features an ergonomically designed CNC control panel situated on a swiveling arm. It is equipped with a Renishaw probing system with an intuitive user interface to ensure accurate repeatability in production. It has an integrated coolant system with tank heat exchanger and recirculation technology to prevent contamination from entering the machining environment. The machine has a robust structural design with a casting structure made from high grade hardened steel. Its key components are sealed and base-mounted for protection from external contaminants. It also has integrated splash guards to eliminate dust and mist during operation. Its table type working surface is made from T-slotted hardened steel for greater accuracy and precision. It also has a torque arm with stiffening ribs to ensure high stiffness and rigidity during operation. The torque arm is adjustable up to an angle of 90°for more flexibility in job applications. TOREN C6246-X-1500 is a reliable and durable machine that is easy to operate and maintain. It has a long-lasting design with key components built into the structure allowing for speedy repairs and reducing machine downtime. The machine includes a safety locking system to prevent unauthorized use and increase machine operational safety. It also features a computerized maintenance monitor with diagnostic alerts to reduce machine breakdowns and provide optimum working efficiency.
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