Used TOS SKIQ 20 CNC B #9052190 for sale

ID: 9052190
Vintage: 2007
Vertical machining center, 2007 vintage.
TOS SKIQ 20 CNC B is a particularly advanced machine tool specifically designed for machining a wide range of repeatable parts. Its rigid body, precise movement, and innovative controls make it an ideal choice for both intricate and basic machining jobs. This CNC model has an impressive 530 x 850 x 850 mm of work space and a maximum table load of 1,000 kg. The tool is also very easy to use and maintain, as its computer numerical control (CNC) operation provides even more precise cutting and parameters settings than manual machines. SKIQ 20 CNC B offers a wide variety of spindle speeds, ranging from 150-10,000 rpm, allowing for proper machining of a variety of materials ranging from soft iron to hardened steel. The spindle is also equipped with a full-length dual range of speeds for added convenience and accuracy. The machine is also equipped with a BBT 40 spindle, which gives users the ability to maximize the life of their cutting tools. TOS SKIQ 20 CNC B features a Yaskawa V1000 servo motor control system, which works in concert with a FANUC 0i-Model C CNC controller for quick per-part production. This combination allows for static and dynamic 3-dimensional machining, ensuring maximum accuracy and quality in even the smallest parts. Additionally, the FANUC 0i-Model C CNC controller provides easy access to all of the parameters for the machine, allowing for quick adjustments to ensure proper part production. SKIQ 20 CNC B includes a variety of safety features as well, including doors interlocked with the spindle, a special door access program, and speed monitoring to protect user and machine alike from injury. Additionally, the machine is also equipped with a pallet changer, allowing for more efficient processing time and greater throughput with less downtime. Overall, TOS SKIQ 20 CNC B is a highly advanced machine tool designed for precision and efficiency. It is a great choice for a variety of machining jobs and is easy to use and maintain. With its impressive spindle speeds, varied safety features, and efficient pallet changer, this CNC will make a great addition to any company.
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