Used TRAUB TNA 80 #9064293 for sale

TNA 80
ID: 9064293
Vintage: 1981
CNC Lathe machine 1981 vintage.
TRAUB TNA 80 is a high-precision machine tool specifically designed for small and medium-sized parts production. It features a highly rigid design, allowing it to achieve superior accuracy and surface finish through superior structural rigidity and vibration damping characteristics. This machine tool utilises a one-piece bed construction, which maximises integrity and rigidity, and provides consistent support to the slides and other moving parts. When combined with PTFE-bonded polymer concrete, this design allows the machine to achieve sustained rigidity and thermal stability. The rigidity also minimises thermal displacement, allowing the machine to consistently achieve superior accuracy. This machine tool is equipped with a direct-drive spindle, which enhances numerous aspects of performance, including superior acceleration and speed capabilities, as well as improved finish and accuracy by reducing gear backlash and vibration. Furthermore, the spindle is able to rotate continuously in both directions, making it suitable for machining operations that require high-speed helical interpolation capabilities. When it comes to spindle support, TNA 80 features an internally-mounted spindle housing, which is supported hydrostatically by four columns. This gives it superior isolation from thermal and other external influences and reduces the risk of vibration during highly precise finish machining operations. Additionally, the columns are made from a special alloy, which ensures exceptional corrosion protection. TRAUB TNA 80 is also equipped with an advanced control system that provides direct numerical control (DNC) capabilities and advanced program storage. This panel-mounted unit is designed to integrate seamlessly with any external DNC system, allowing users to access their programs remotely. Furthermore, the panel layout is designed to be highly intuitive, allowing users to easily input data and control the machine's operations. Finally, this machine tool is also equipped with a full range of safety systems, including both manual and laser-guided collision detection systems. This ensures that user, as well as preventing costly accidents and damage to the machine and its components. In summary, TNA 80 is an advanced machine tool that is specifically designed for small and medium-sized parts production. It features a one-piece bed construction, direct-drive spindle, advanced control system, and full range of safety systems, offering superior accuracy and surface finish, along with reliable cutting conditions.
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