Used WFL M 100X 3000 #9052171 for sale

WFL M 100X 3000
M 100X 3000
ID: 9052171
Vintage: 1998
CNC Turning / milling center, 1998 vintage.
WFL M 100X 3000 is a highly advanced machine tool that is designed and built for precision and accuracy. This machine is capable of producing a variety of parts from a wide range of materials. It has an impressive array of features that enable the user to create complex and precise parts with a high level of accuracy. M 100X 3000 is equipped with a 3-axis CNC control equipment, giving it the ability to adjust and control speeds and workloads in order to produce precise metal pieces with a high level of precision. The machine has a high-precision X - Y - Z axis configuration, allowing it to produce consistent precision results for every job. Its unique servo-hydraulic control system ensures that it can maintain its accuracy and accuracy for long periods of time. WFL M 100X 3000 comes with a wide range of axes, allowing it to create parts of varying shapes and sizes. It features a large working table, enabling it to process workpieces of up to 1000mm in diameter. The table can be adjusted and repositioned, enabling a range of machining and drilling positions to be achieved. The machine is equipped with a variety of different tools, including drills, milling cutters and fine-tune tools. The heads are interchangeable, allowing for customized applications. This makes it an ideal machine for mass production of complex parts and components. M 100X 3000 has been designed with safety in mind, and features an enclosed work area as well as an emergency stop unit. It is a powerful machine that is capable of cutting through a variety of materials with a high level of precision, all while maintaining a safe environment. In conclusion, WFL M 100X 3000 is a powerful and accurate machine tool that is capable of producing a wide range of parts from different materials. Its impressive array of features and adjustable table makes it an ideal machine for complex parts and components. Its enclosed work area and emergency stop machine make it an ideal machine for mass production, all while ensuring a safe and secure environment.
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