Used ZAYER 30 KF 5000 #9066825 for sale

ZAYER 30 KF 5000
30 KF 5000
ID: 9066825
Vintage: 1995
CNC Milling machine X-Axis: 5010 Y-Axis: 1262 Z-Axis: 1514 50 kw to 32 1995 vintage.
ZAYER 30 KF 5000 is a highly advanced and reliable milling machine that is designed to meet the demands of a wide range of machining applications. By offering a combination of power, precision and flexibility, it is an ideal choice for a variety of machining operations. 30 KF 5000 is equipped with a thermally stabilized base and fixed column construction, two-axis CNC system and a three-axis digital number display. This advanced control system ensures accurate surface quality and movements along the entire axes. The positioning accuracy is also guaranteed, thanks to the ball screws on all axes, while the speed and torque requirements are not compromised. The machine features a continuous torque on all three axes for demanding machining applications. With its LEADER components, ZAYER 30 KF 5000 can easily handle heavy components with the highest productivity. The machine further features a number of safety features such as the safety disc, protected lead screws, as well as a moveable clamps and overtravel sensor. 30 KF 5000 is also designed with a high rigidity and maximum cutting capability to maintain quality and accuracy in its cutting operations. Its adjustable speed ranges from 50 to 5500 RPM and is highly reliable when it comes to speed and torque control. ZAYER 30 KF 5000 is an ideal machine for heavy-duty operations and has a wide range of options and accessories for customization to cater to your exact needs. The machine offers a wide variety of cutting tools and is able to handle a wide range of materials. It is also designed with a wide array of features such as a movable quill and spindle and an integrated coolant system. 30 KF 5000 is a great choice for any medium to high-load machining applications and offers an unbeatable combination of design, power, and precision for any industry or machining operation.
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