Used IMS LVIS-III #9159231 for sale

ID: 9159231
Vintage: 2009
Inspection system Currently de-installed 2009 vintage.
IMS LVIS-III is an advanced mask and wafer inspection equipment designed for quick and accurate analysis of wafers and masks in manufacturing, research and development, and other applications. The instrument utilizes the latest digital imaging and sensor technologies to create high-resolution images of the wafer or mask surface. The system offers a wide range of features and functionalities, allowing users to effectively and conveniently inspect wafers or masks for defects. The unit features an integrated ultra-violet (UV) and near-infrared (NIR) light source, which is adjustable to allow the microscope to analyze different layers of material on the wafer or mask. The microscope also includes an automated polarization filter that can be adjusted to optimize the contrast of the wafer or mask image. An integrated challenge box allows the user to take spot measurements of the inspected material, allowing for accurate and consistent repeatability. The machine also includes a high-performance motorized XY stage with an on board digital stepper motor. This allows the user to move the sample quickly and accurately in X and Y directions to inspect the entire field of view. The microscope is also equipped with a number of inspection programs, allowing the user to accurately detect the most common defects, such as wrinkles, discolorations, and bumps. In addition to the microscope, the tool also includes a high-resolution digital camera enabling precise analysis of the wafer or mask surface. It also includes software for data capture, analysis, and reporting. This software allows the user to adjust image parameters to optimize the contrast and brightness of the images. All of the images can then be exported to the computer hard drive as JPG or BMP files for further analysis. Overall, LVIS-III is a powerful and advanced mask and wafer inspection asset, providing an easy to use interface and the latest in imaging technology for accurate, reliable results. This instrument is ideal for both research and manufacturing applications, allowing researchers and manufacturers to quickly and accurately analyze wafers or masks for any defects.
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