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JMAR is a well-known manufacturer of optical comparators, offering a range of analogues with advanced features and capabilities. Optical comparators are precision measurement devices used in various industries for fast and accurate measurements of dimensions, angles, and shapes of small to medium-sized parts. One of JMAR's popular optical comparators is the Mirage 2600. It features a bright and clear projection screen, a high-resolution optical system, and a large worktable for convenient positioning and inspection of parts. The Mirage 2600 offers excellent accuracy and repeatability, making it suitable for quality control applications. Another model by JMAR is the Mirage S2610-01, which comes with enhanced features such as digital readouts and advanced lighting options. With its improved precision and high-contrast optics, the Mirage S2610-01 provides precise measurements and ensures efficient inspection processes. The advantages of JMAR's optical comparators include their versatility, ease of use, and quick measurements. They are equipped with advanced optics, ensuring clear and accurate magnification of part features. These devices offer a non-contact measurement method, eliminating the risk of damage to delicate parts. JMAR's optical comparators are also designed to provide reliable and repeatable measurement results. Overall, JMAR's optical comparators, such as the Mirage 2600 and Mirage S2610-01, provide the industry with accurate and efficient measurement solutions for quality control and inspection purposes.

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