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Optical comparators are precision measurement tools that use light and optics to enlarge and visually inspect small parts or components for dimensional accuracy and defects. LAM RESEARCH is a leading manufacturer of optical comparators that provide high-quality measurement solutions for various industries. One of the popular models from LAM RESEARCH is the EP 200MMD. This optical comparator offers a magnification range of up to 200 times and utilizes a built-in digital readout system for accurate measurements. It is equipped with a high-resolution digital camera and advanced software for image processing and analysis, allowing for detailed inspections and measurements. The advantages of LAM RESEARCH optical comparators include their ability to quickly and accurately measure complex parts, reducing human error and improving productivity. They provide a non-contact measurement method, ensuring the safety and integrity of delicate parts. Optical comparators are also versatile, capable of measuring a wide range of parts and materials. LAM RESEARCH offers several other models, such as the VP series and the LH series, which cater to different measurement needs and budgets. These optical comparators are known for their robust construction, reliability, and ease of use. In summary, LAM RESEARCH optical comparators provide precise measurement capabilities, versatility, and user-friendly interfaces. With models like the EP 200MMD, they are ideal for inspecting and measuring small parts with high accuracy and efficiency.

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