Used TAMURA BNS40-38LN #101177 for sale

ID#: 101177





Equipment Details:

Reflow oven, lead free (4) Top, (4) bottom, (1) cooling zone Left to right orientation Mesh belt Comes with an oxygen analyzer Up to 500 degrees C Long zone, about double the length of normal oven zone Substrate size (min/max): L100 x W25 mm / L250 x W75mm Substrate Height: 10mm max (upper) Transfer method: wire belt conveyor method Transfer height: 900 A+/- 20mm from floor Feeding Speed: 0.3 - 1.7 m/min (wire mesh typr) N2 Supply: 0.4 - 0.7 Mpa (4-7 kgf/cmA2) Rc 1/2 N2 consumption: 300 NL/min Power Supply: 3-phase AC 200V 50Hz 127A Operation: 44kVA Exhaust Flow rate: 20 m3/min (10m 3/min each) Diameter: A 200mm (2 locations) Color: P4-377 Luster 2003 vintage.
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