Used ADTEC AMVG-1000-AV3 #9158278 for sale

ID: 9158278
Vintage: 2009
Matching boxes 2009 vintage.
ADTEC AMVG-1000-AV3 is a high-performance AC/DC switching power supply specifically designed for applications requiring a high level of power in a compact form factor. The power supply features a single output of 1000W with a voltage range of 15V to 70V. The output can be adjusted in 0.1V increments, and the device is capable of operating at up to 600kHz. AMVG-1000-AV3 is constructed from an aluminum body with a built-in heat sink to provide a high degree of thermal dissipation. The power supply is protected against short circuit and over-current conditions through a protective circuit which prevents operation outside of the specified operating parameters. In addition, the power supply features two-part insulation to ensure safety and provide isolation from external sources of noise, while a magnetic switch prevents accidental on/off of the power. The power supply is fully RoHS compliant and provides excellent energy efficiency, reaching up to 93% at 230Vac input. This makes ADTEC AMVG-1000-AV3 ideal for high-efficiency applications such as LED lighting, motor control, power tools, UPS systems, robotics, railway control, industrial equipment and more. The power supply also features a wide operating temperature range, allowing it to operate in temperatures from -40°C to 70°C, making it suitable for use in a variety of environments. It offers an adjustable voltage range of 15V to 70V and 20Ω current limitation setting, providing improved stability when operating in high-power applications. The power supply is equipped with status and control via external communication, with an on/off controller signal and an alarm output when the power source reaches set values, allowing for better monitoring and control. It is also designed with a front-panel indicator to allow for quick, real-time monitoring of the power supply's status. AMVG-1000-AV3 is a powerful AC/DC switching power supply, providing a stable 1000W output in a compact form factor, and offering excellent energy efficiency and protection. With a wide operating temperature range, adjustable voltage range, external monitoring and control, and status indicators, the power supply is perfect for a variety of applications.
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