Used ADTEC AX-1000 II AM #9183362 for sale

AX-1000 II AM
ID: 9183362
RF Generators.
ADTEC AX-1000 II AM is a high performance benchtop switching power supply in the 1000 W power output range. Ideal for applications such as commissioning, production, and design verification, this power supply operates on a single voltage input range of 90 V to 275 V AC. This unit provides very low output ripple (less than 10 mV) and very low output noise (less than 1 mV). This power supply is equipped with overload protection, overvoltage protection, and electric shock protection that can be quickly and easily configured depending on user needs. Additionally, a built-in fan ensures that the power supply is kept cool and running at optimal performance. The fan will adjust its speed depending on the temperature of the power supply. The user input display is a large, color LCD screen that allows operators to easily view and adjust the settings. Additionally, the user-friendly menu structure makes it easy to adjust settings accurately and quickly. The user interface also includes a variety of diagnostic functions, enabling the user to easily troubleshoot functional issues. AX-1000 II AM is designed with safety in mind; features include automatic shut down if the power supply overheats or if there is a malfunction. The unit operates with very low heat output, minimizing hazard dangers from accidental contact with hot surfaces. Finally, ADTEC AX-1000 II AM comes with a host of accessories, making it even more versatile. These include cables and connectors, mounting brackets, voltage programmable circuit boards, grounding wires, and other essential components. These components help ensure consistent and reliable power to enable secure power to various systems and applications. AX-1000 II AM is a powerful, user-friendly, and versatile power supply from the leading edge of power technology. This unit is perfect for a variety of applications that require clean, steady, and reliable power.
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