Used ADTEC AX-1000 III LF #9183363 for sale

AX-1000 III LF
ID: 9183363
RF Generator.
ADTEC AX-1000 III LF is a Linear Power Supply designed for use in distributed power architectures, providing stable and reliable output voltages as low as 3V and up to 30V. The power supply provides peak current capability up to 1000A and adjustable easy access control. The power supply is available in two versions - an 8 module chassis equipment and a single module chassis. The power supply is equipped with a comprehensive set of features that make it suitable for use in a wide variety of industrial, automotive, and consumer applications. Built to be durable and highly efficient, the power supply has a long product life and low total costs of ownership. AX-1000 III LF is protected against voltage and current surges with a built-in overload protection circuit. In terms of safety and reliability, the power supply features redundant output isolation and instantaneous disconnecting systems. This ensures a safe disconnection from the source of power in the event of an overload or power outage, thus protecting the equipment connected to the output from potential damage. There is also an extensive set of alarms and protections, including under-voltage, over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, temperature, and other protection. The alarm signals are programmable to the user's preference. The power supply has a high-performance wide dynamic range, designed to ensure precise power delivery. It also features a unique voltage inverter, which allows the user to control the output voltage over a wide range of 3 to 30 volts. The power supply is designed for easy maintenance and can be accessed remotely through RS232 or SNMP communication protocols. It also has a built-in input/output switch with an interface to integrate with existing architectures. Furthermore, the power supply includes advanced monitoring and control functions such as remote current sensing, an on-board DC operating system, and real-time unit monitoring. The user can also set-up the machine for an unlimited number of profiles and hot-swap the supply modules. ADTEC AX-1000 III LF Power Supply is an innovative, precise, and reliable power source designed for industrial, automotive, and consumer applications. It provides efficiency, stability, and reliability with a wide range of dynamic capabilities. The power supply is equipped with an extensive set of monitoring and protection systems as well as an easy-access control tool for remote communication and management. All these features make AX-1000 III LF the ideal solution for power applications that require high performance, reliability, and safety.
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