Used ADTEC AX 1000 LFII #9382538 for sale

AX 1000 LFII
ID: 9382538
ADTEC AX 1000 LFII is a high-performance DC power supply designed for both industrial and laboratory applications. It offers optimized power, high current solutions with 0.1%-3% voltage regulation, and up to 15-amperes of current. Additionally, it provides comprehensive remote control capabilities allowing it to be monitored remotely. ADTEC AX-1000LF II power supply offers its users plenty of flexibility - it can be used to provide DC outputs from 0-4 volts to 0-40 volts. It has a programmable voltage and current accuracy of 0.01% or better, meaning it is highly accurate and efficient. The unit also offers advanced features like applications control, high-speed single-pulse measurement of voltage and current, and versatile output timing control. Its micro-processor-based controller allows the user to read and set programmable settings from any computer, such as output Volt/Amp/Transient loading. The power supply also features over-voltage and over-current protection, as well as a digital display that allows users to monitor the conditions of the power supply. Its heat dissipation design enables it to operate at temperatures ranging from-10°C to 50°C. The unit also has a built-in self-test feature that safeguards against unsafe operating conditions. This power supply also offers high efficiency, enabling it to maintain optimal performance and operate with low power consumption. It also supports both single and three-phase AC inputs, making it suitable for global use. In addition, the unit is highly reliable and offers superior cooling performance, allowing it to operate in challenging environments. Overall, AX 1000 LF II is a highly reliable and efficient power supply that is suitable for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. It offers reliable performance, flexibility, robust protection features, and extreme accuracy. With its comprehensive remote control capabilities, this power supply is the ideal solution for numerous applications.
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