Used ADTEC AX 1000 #9158366 for sale

AX 1000
ID: 9158366
RF Generators 13.5 MHz.
ADTEC AX 1000 is a high-efficiency, high-performance power supply designed to convert ac power from a wall or panel into dc voltage outputs. It features a unique combination of design, quality and safety features that make it a standout in the power supply marketplace. ADTEC AX-1000 offers robust power performance with up to 1000W of power output with a high efficiency rating of more than 85%, allowing the unit to pump out more power with less energy consumed. It supports both positive and negative voltage output levels and is capable of outputting up to 60 amps of current for a range of applications across multiple systems. The system is equipped with an advanced protection system that monitors output and temperature while also preventing over-voltage and short-circuiting. This helps to ensure the power supply remains reliable and intact during operation. Additionally, the unit is designed to be compliant with standards including UL, CUL, TUV, and CE, making it a perfect option for many electronic and electrical applications. The device also features a flexible design, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. It has an intuitive, user-friendly LCD display which displays voltage, current, and power measurements to provide up-to-date power status for users. In addition, AX 1000 utilizes advanced power control features to reduce ripple, voltage sag, and voltage turn-on times for increased protection to systems. AX-1000 is a reliable and durable power supply that is designed to consistently deliver clean and consistent power. Its combination of features make it a great option for powering a variety of electrical systems and applications. The secure design and advanced protection system make it a great choice for increased protection and efficiency in your power supply needs.
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