Used ADTEC AX-1000LF III #9158271 for sale

ID: 9158271
RF Generator.
ADTEC AX-1000LF III is an advanced, highly reliable power supply designed for industrial and medical applications. This series of single and three-phase output power supplies offer triple-redundant power control, ensuring that the power to your equipment remains stable and within acceptable tolerances even in extreme environmental conditions. It has the ability to monitor and report fault conditions, for enhanced reliability. AX-1000LF III series features high efficiency up to 95%, making it one of the most energy efficient power supplies on the market. It also has wide input range of 120Vac to 300Vac with single-phase input, making it suitable for both factory and onsite applications. With safety certification from TUV and VDE, it is compliant with most international safety protocols and industry standards. ADTEC AX-1000LF III is designed for a wide range of high-performance industrial applications, such as power distribution systems, process control, test and measurement, medical imaging equipment, semiconductor process lines and environmental monitoring. This power supply is full of features including synchronous rectification, fast transient response, adjustable voltage and current limits, and remote control. Added to its outstanding standard features, AX-1000LF III offers an extensive selection of options designed to meet your specialized needs. It is available with three-phase input ranging from 220Vac to 470Vac, and offers adjustable frequency control, different output average current levels, power sharing drivers, manual voltage adjustment, and mode programmable switching control. ADTEC is committed to providing safe, reliable, and effective power supplies for industrial and medical applications. ADTEC AX-1000LF III series is the perfect choice for those who require a dependable and economical source of power. This series is designed for the most demanding of applications, where cost-efficiency and safety are paramount.
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