Used ADTEC AX 2000 III #9168222 for sale

AX 2000 III
ID: 9168222
RF Plasma generator Output: 2000W Power supply: 3φ, AC200-220V, 50-60Hz.
ADTEC AX 2000 III is a high-performance, three-phase, programmable uninterruptible power supply designed to provide reliable power to vital IT equipment. The unit comes with a number of features including automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and generator support, as well as advanced communication capabilities. The unit is rated at 2000kVA/2000kW and can be used for three-phase AC (Alternative Current) applications. ADTEC AX-2000 III is equipped with an innovative, proprietary PURE Sine Wave power conversion technology, which offers superior power quality and greater efficiency than traditional power conversion methods. The unit also boasts advanced monitoring and control capabilities, with LED displays that provide detailed information about power usage, system status, and other vital information. The unit is compatible with a variety of generators and can be scaled up to 4500kVA if needed. The unit is equipped with several convenience features to make usage easier and more efficient. These include a graphical user interface, making it easier to navigate menu options and set up power settings. Additionally, the unit comes with built-in power management relays, so users can automatically turn equipment on if necessary. The unit also comes with a real-time monitoring system, allowing users to view power usage and system status in real time. For reliability and safety, the unit is equipped with a number of features to help maintain smooth operation. These features include an over-temperature protection mechanism that shuts down the unit if temperatures get too high, as well as electromagnetic shielding to protect against EMI and voltage spikes. The unit also comes with surge protection capabilities, so that the power supply isn't damaged by unexpected power outages. In addition, the unit is built with environmental-friendly design considerations in mind. This includes a low parasitic load, which helps reduce energy consumption and emissions, as well as an advanced filter design that helps reduce noise pollution. Overall, AX 2000 III is a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly power supply designed to provide a steady, reliable source of power to vital IT equipment. It is an ideal solution for mission-critical applications and is well suited to three-phase AC applications.
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