Used ADTEC AX-3000 #9158367 for sale

ID: 9158367
RF Generators 13.5 MHz.
ADTEC AX-3000 power supply is designed to provide stable, reliable power to a variety of applications, such as industrial automation, energy storage, renewable energy, and others. This powerful, efficient, and versatile power supply is capable of delivering up to 3 kW of power for DC systems. AX-3000 features a wide input voltage range of 85 to 530 VAC that is both NEMA and UL certified. The output range is from 0 to 33.5 VDC and is adjustable in increments of 0.1 VDC. The power factor is 0.95 or higher, and the efficiency is up to 93%. ADTEC AX-3000 boasts programmable constant-current and constant-voltage operation for safety and protection. It has an adjustable output voltage range of 0-33 VDC and a current range of 0-30 Amps. The power supply is equipped with multiple analog, digital, and USB ports for connectivity. It is single-phase, which eliminates the need for costly transformers and wiring. The four-dimensional operating temperature ranges from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius. AX-3000 has a built-in RFI filter, which helps protect against electromagnetic interference in industrial settings. It has substantial overload, short circuit, over-voltage and under-voltage protections. It is compliant with international safety standards and is RoHS and EMC certified. The device also carries a three-year limited warranty. ADTEC AX-3000 comes with a remote sense and provides continuous power for system load regulation. It offers active PFC for low power losses, allowing for increased energy efficiency. The device is designed to deliver high efficiency, and reliable operation even in harsh environmental conditions. Its integral cooling fan helps keep it operating at optimal levels, while its low noise output makes it suitable for noise-sensitive situations. AX-3000 is highly compatible and is easy to configure and install. It can be available with a wide range of options, such as output connectors, programming cables, communication cables, protective covers, dust covers and more, depending on the customer's needs. Thanks to its features, this power supply is ideal for a range of different applications, and its reliability makes it a worthwhile investment for many customers.
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