Used ADTEC AX 600 III #9111610 for sale

AX 600 III
ID: 9111610
RF Generator.
ADTEC AX 600 III is a reliable, high-performance power supply capable of delivering up to 600W of continuous power. Its high-efficiency design and advanced DC-DC technology make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from commercial, industrial, and military installations to medical and telecommunications equipment. ADTEC AX-600 III utilizes a topology designed to minimize electromagnetic interference and provide stable, clean power. Its active power factor correction feature reduces harmonic distortion and improves overall system performance, while its low-noise fan minimizes acoustic noise when deployed in noise-sensitive enclosures. It also includes an intelligent thermal control system that adjusts the fan speed based on device load and temperature. AX 600 III includes a wide array of protection features, such as over-voltage/current, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection, as well as surge and spike protection. It is also compliant with EMC and safety standards like CSA/UL/VDE/CE/EN/FCC. The power supply is also UL/CSA certified for safety, and meets RoHS and WEEE compliance directives. AX-600 III is equipped with a wide variety of control features, including power-on delay, soft-start, and temperature compensation. It also has a comprehensive set of built-in monitoring and diagnostic functions, including a digitally controlled fan speed, overload protection, and remote sensing. The power supply also includes an LCD digital display screen for system monitoring. The power supply has a wide input voltage range from 90-264 VAC, and its active power factor correction provides power factor correction up to 0.99. It is also designed to operate in high-temperature environments, providing maximum reliability and long service life. The power supply also includes a detachable power cord and front panel I/O connectors, making it easy to install and maintain. ADTEC AX 600 III is an efficient and reliable power supply that provides a cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. With its extensive features and built-in protections, this power supply is ideal for critical applications that require reliable, clean power.
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