Used ADTEC AX 600 III #9164797 for sale

AX 600 III
ID: 9164797
RF Generators For MATTSON Paradigm-E etcher.
ADTEC AX 600 III is a high quality linear power supply, designed to deliver stable, clean power for all kinds of electronic equipment. It offers three separate outputs: 24V, 12V, and 5V, and can deliver up to 600mA of current. The power supply features short circuit protection, over current protection, and over temperature protection, ensuring reliable and stable performance. The outputs are linear-regulated, allowing for a steady and accurate power output, eliminating wide voltage fluctuations. ADTEC AX-600 III also features a universal AC input, allowing for input of 100-240V AC. The power supply is constructed with reliable and durable parts, including high efficiency integrated circuits and high-quality components. A solderless PCB connection design helps protect against electrical short circuits and power surge. The complete unit is housed in an aluminum enclosure, making AX 600 III lightweight and resistant to the elements. For professional users, AX-600 III also offers terminal output, allowing for the connection of power cables with ferrules. This improves the safety and heating phenomenon, and also makes it easier to plug in and remove cables. The power supply also features intuitive LED indicators, allowing users to easily check the power status. An overload alarm warns when the output current exceeds the rated current, making it easier to manage the performance of the unit. ADTEC AX 600 III provides a reliable and efficient power supply solution, ensuring stable performance of all your electronic equipment. The high quality parts, effective protection functions and intuitive controls make ADTEC AX-600 III a must-have for any setup.
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