Used ADVANCED ENERGY 315228-000A #9171767 for sale

ID: 9171767
Power supply 400 V, 52 A, 3 P.
ADVANCED ENERGY 315228-000A is a high-performance power supply equipment designed for electrical and electronic applications. It has the capability to handle user-specific loads up to 200kW of peak power and up to 40A/Phase. The system incorporates advanced digital control and power management techniques to provide superior performance in high current, dynamic regulation and protection applications. 315228-000A has high power density, allowing it to be used in demanding process control applications requiring precision and reliability. Its intelligent energy management technology provides the ability to adjust rapid power delivery to meet changing capacity demands, for maximum efficiency. Its advanced digital control techniques allow for quick response, fine tuning, and reliable operation. The power supply unit includes a large number of safety features to guard against overload, short circuits, and other kinds of electrical or mechanical faults. The power supply provides specific protections against overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat, and undervoltage. Its redundant protection features ensure that the power supply maintains stable operation even in light of extreme temperature or humidity conditions. ADVANCED ENERGY 315228-000A is designed for robust operation and long service life. It is constructed with heavy-duty components which are IP20 rated to ensure reliability in extreme process conditions. The power supplies are tested for quality and assurance leading to safe and reliable operation in industrial and commercial applications. The robust and reliable 315228-000A power supply is designed to meet the needs of demanding applications in process control, industrial automation, food grade production, and many other diverse settings. It has a space-efficient design and high power density, making it ideal for space-constrained installations. Additionally, its internal intelligence and monitoring features allow for advanced diagnostics and maintenance functions to ensure long-term operation and performance of the power supply machine.
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