Used ADVANCED ENERGY 3152411-401 #9164607 for sale

ID: 9164607
DC Power supply for AMAT Endura Process: Metal.
ADVANCED ENERGY 3152411-401 is a state-of-the-art, high frequency, DC power supply designed to power industrial equipment and other electronics. It provides a reliable source of power for many different functions, including motors, analog-to-digital converters, microprocessors, and other industrial applications. 3152411-401 offers an adjustable voltage range of 0-24V, as well as substantial power output of 800 W, ensuring operation of a variety of industrial functions and devices. This power supply features an advanced smart-start feature, which allows the user to quickly and safely startup ADVANCED ENERGY 3152411-401, making operation easy and faster. 3152411-401 is a DC-to-DC converter that creates power for low-voltage applications. It has a relatively compact size, allowing it to fit in tight spaces, and is power efficient since it converts low-voltage DC power into higher-power DC power. It also has an efficient thermal management system that automatically adjusts its power output in order to keep temperatures and efficiencies within optimal ranges. ADVANCED ENERGY 3152411-401 also offers protection features, such as it's overcurrent protection and its built-in reverse voltage protection. Additionally, this power supply is also designed for a wide temperature range of -10 to +85 degrees Celsius, to ensure that it can work in extreme conditions. As an added feature, it includes a microprocessor to perform monitoring and control functions, and also features system real-time displays. In terms of power control, 3152411-401 is equipped with a five-digit voltage display or seven-digit current display feature, to offer short-term voltage or current control. Furthermore, it features adjustable output voltage/current, output parameters, and overvoltage/overcurrent protection, as well as low ripple output. ADVANCED ENERGY 3152411-401 is ideal for applications that require stability and versatility in their power supply needs. With its four-digit display, adjustable output voltage/current capability, efficient power performance, and a design that eliminates the need for external power sources, this power supply is an excellent choice for a variety of industrial applications.
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