Used ADVANCED ENERGY 3152412-233 #9164608 for sale

ID: 9164608
DC Power supplies for AMAT Endura Process: Metal.
ADVANCED ENERGY 3152412-233 is a high performance, highly reliable power supply module designed to provide a consistent and reliable source of energy to vital electronic components. 3152412-233 is an isolated DC-DC power supply with an internal transformer, which allows it to provide an output voltage of up to 250VDC. It has a built-in current and voltage protection circuit which helps to reduce the risk of a system failure due to a surge in voltage. ADVANCED ENERGY 3152412-233 also features a wide range of protection features, such as the capability to operate in high temperatures, short circuit protection, over voltage protection, and reverse polarity protection. The power supply also features a power monitor interface which can accurately and efficiently monitor the performance of the power supply. 3152412-233 is suitable for a variety of applications, such as providing reliable power to control systems and vital industrial equipment. It is designed with DC power input and can operate on voltage ranges from 180VDC to 250VDC. The power supply also features wide-range of operating temperature range from 0°C to +60°C. ADVANCED ENERGY 3152412-233 is also designed with a range of safety features to protect against incorrect connections and other dangerous electrical scenarios. The unit comes with a fuse holder to protect against over current and short circuit conditions. It also has a built-in thermal fuse which is designed to protect against over temperature and fire risk. The power supply is also designed with a circuit breaker which is designed to automatically cut off power if the circuit is overloaded. 3152412-233 is a highly reliable and efficient power supply module and can prove to be an ideal choice for applications where reliable power is required. The unit is designed to provide a consistent and safe source of energy, and provides a high level of protection against power irregularities and faults. It is a great choice for industrial and control system applications where reliability and safety are paramount.
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