Used ADVANCED ENERGY 3155126-020 #9164621 for sale

ID: 9164621
Match boxes for AMAT DPS Process: Etch.
ADVANCED ENERGY 3155126-020 is a power supply unit specifically designed for medium to high-power applications. It supports sophisticated digital control capabilities including can bus and analog and digital programming so that it can be used for single- and multi-bay cabinet systems. Additionally, this device can be used with a number of communication schemes, such as CAN, Modbus, Profibus, and EtherCAT, to increase its usability and system scalability. It features a wide range of input and output capabilities, with a variable voltage range of 115VAC-300VDAC and a maximum operating power capacity of 175KW. With a power factor of >0.95, this device can easily handle higher-power operations while minimizing the possibility of startup issues due to low power capacity. The output frequency range is also wide, from 47 to 63 Hz, giving the unit an extensive array of low frequency operation capabilities. As far as safety and protection features are concerned, 3155126-020 has both Over Voltage Protections (OVP) and Over Current Protections (OCP), as well as short circuits, which can prevent hazards from arising due to electrical surges or incorrect current management. With the built-in EMI/RFI filters, line noise interference is significantly reduced, allowing for significantly smoother operation at a greater range of frequencies. The device also has a built-in Purolator filter that helps in addressing transient emissions. Moreover, ADVANCED ENERGY 3155126-020 has a user-friendly LCD display that allows for easy access to its current and voltage settings. It also has two independent outputs and an adjustable ramp rate for each output, so that users can easily set and manage the system, in order to make sure that its output is controlled accurately and precisely. This is a high-quality manufactured power supply unit that is packed with features. It has a resilient design and offers reliable protection to ensure safe and trouble-free operation. It is also entirely backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty, so users can be rest-assured that they will be getting the highest possible performance out of their purchase.
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