Used ADVANCED ENERGY 3155132-001 #9164623 for sale

ID: 9164623
Match box for AMAT DPS Process: Etch.
ADVANCED ENERGY 3155132-001 power supply is a high-performance, precision instrument designed to provide reliable and accurate far-field power for a variety of industrial, research, and laboratory applications. This digital and programmable power supply features an advanced precision technology that is designed to provide a precise level of power delivery to meet your exacting needs. 3155132-001 power supply has a maximum output of 1230W, making it ideal for industrial, laboratory, and research applications such as materials and components testing. Its accuracy and reliability make it the perfect solution for powering critical processes and equipment applications. This power supply features a wide array of features such as programmable power profiles, user-selectable current and voltage levels, over- or under-voltage protection, short circuit protection, and a built-in display. The display consists of an LED screen for precise control and monitoring of parameters. The device is also equipped with an Ethernet, GPIB, RS-232, and USB ports. These ports allow the user to easily connect to other devices and personnel for trouble-shooting and monitoring. Additionally, the power supply also features a four terminal and earth connection for safety. The power supply uses a switching technique to supply a highly accurate and stable voltage and current output. This technique ensures a very low total harmonic distortion for higher performance. Additionally, the device has current limit protection for preventing damage to load components during an overload event. ADVANCED ENERGY 3155132-001 power supply also features comprehensive protections, including over-voltage and over-current protection. Additionally, the power supply comes with many setting options for a variety of applications. In addition to its features, 3155132-001 power supply is also extremely reliable, thanks to its rugged construction and well-thought-out design. The device can withstand a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions. Furthermore, the power supply also features a long-life capacitance with an operating lifetime of up to 5000 hours, making it perfect for long-term use. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY 3155132-001 power supply is an advanced and reliable device for industrial, research, and laboratory applications. Its high-precision technology, wide assortment of features, and durable construction make it an ideal choice for any power delivery application.
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