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ID: 9164624
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ADVANCED ENERGY 3155132-004 is a high performance power supply designed for industrial applications operating in demanding environment. It is part of the 3155 family of power supplies from ADVANCED ENERGY and is a 3-phase input, 4-output, 5000W model. 3155132-004 features efficient closed-loop current, power and voltage control and is designed for mission-critical systems where reliability is paramount. The power supply is based on a high-frequency insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) topology, and utilizes standard IEC 320-3AC mil-spec receptacles. It can operate from a 0 - 500V electrical input range and offers protection against input overvoltage and overcurrent. It operates using ADVANCED ENERGY efficiency topologies such as OFF-ON and Standby with a wide-range of operating modes supported. The power supply is designed for high power density applications, providing up to 7000W output power with a low 20% load regulation tolerance. This advanced design has minimal component count and allows for rohibition with zero magnetic coupling. It is designed to run cool and can handle continuous environmental temperatures up to 90°C. ADVANCED ENERGY 3155132-004 features a control/communications interface that allows users to program, monitor and configure their system functions. The interface is compatible with Profibus, Ethernet, communication protocols, and supports SDI-12, RS-232/RS-485, Modbus fieldbus, and EtherCAT communication protocols. The power supply also has alarm features so users can be alerted in the event of any system issue. 3155132-004 is designed for optimal performance in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, boasting an extremely low noise and harmonic distortion level of ≤2%. Its ultra-wide load regulation range provides maximum system availability. It can be monitored and or controlled remotely and is highly reliable thanks to its advanced failure protection features. This robust power supply provides the highest reliability and performance solutions for customers looking for maximum performance and efficiency in a 3-phase power supply. With its ADVANCED ENERGY management features, ADVANCED ENERGY 3155132-004 offers the best in industrial grade power supply for mission critical applications.
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