Used ADVANCED ENERGY 3155132-008 #9164625 for sale

ID: 9164625
Match boxes for AMAT DPS Process: Etch.
ADVANCED ENERGY 3155132-008 is a versatile and efficient power supply designed for both industrial and laboratory applications. It is ideally suited for powering a wide range of equipment. It features a high power output with low ripple and noise, making it suitable for precision instrumentation and testing. 3155132-008 has an input voltage range of 18-30 volts and provides a maximum output power of 150 watts. With its adjustable power setting, it is highly flexible and can be used in a variety of industrial and laboratory settings. The built-in current limiting feature allows it to remain stable when operating at maximum current, offering a safer environment in testing. ADVANCED ENERGY 3155132-008 is also equipped with an EMI/RF filter, providing additional protection from interference. Its compact design makes it space-saving and easy to use, making it a perfect choice for various industrial and laboratory applications. A remote sensing option is also available, enabling the user to accurately regulate output power without any losses in voltage. The output of 3155132-008 is highly stable even with varying load conditions, while the high efficiency of up to 92% ensures minimal losses. The power supply has protection against short circuits, overloads and over voltage, providing a safe environment in testing. Furthermore, the power supply has a wide working temperature range of 0°C to 40°C. ADVANCED ENERGY 3155132-008 is a reliable power supply which can be used in various industrial and laboratory applications, thanks to its adjustable output voltage, adjustable power setting, EMI/RF filter, remote sensing, and protection against short circuits, overloads and over voltage. As a result, the power supply is capable of delivering reliable performance in demanding industrial and laboratory applications.
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