Used ADVANCED ENERGY 3156110-008 #9164808 for sale

ID: 9164808
RF Generators For LAM Kiyo 45 etcher.
ADVANCED ENERGY 3156110-008 is a power supply designed for a range of applications in industrial, medical, and aerospace systems. The unit is a compact, cost-effective, and reliable source of DC/DC power for a variety of applications. It features voltage ranges from 5 to 24V, with a maximum output current of 8A. This power supply is designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -20 to +85°C and is based on a proven AC/DC power circuit design. This unit is equipped with an adjustable voltage input, ensuring compatibility with the majority of global AC power systems. The output voltage is adjustable and is capable of providing source or sink current to meet a wide range of user requirements. The unit is equipped with a built-in EMI filter, as well as comprehensive input, output and environmental protections to ensure a safe and reliable operation. It also features a three-phase frequency input capability and built-in harmonic distortion filtering to reduce harmonic distortion. 3156110-008 is designed to ensure high reliability and long life. It is an RoHS compliant device, making it an excellent choice for all types of environmental concerns and regulatory compliance requirements. The power supply is designed to operate in high-temperature environments and comes with a wide range of safety and reliability features. It is designed to handle surge currents up to 400A and comes with a comprehensive selection of over-voltage and over-current protections. This ensures protection against both internal faults and external transient events. The power supply includes built-in alarms and LEDs for monitoring fault and operational conditions, as well as efficient electrical and thermal management features for extended operation. The unit is built with a modular design for easy replacement and maintenance. This ensures a simple repair process should the unit ever develop a fault. In summary, ADVANCED ENERGY 3156110-008 is a proven and reliable cost-effective power supply for a wide range of applications. It is designed to provide reliable DC output and protection against both internal and external fault conditions. The wide voltage and current range, RoHS compliance and built-in EMI filter ensure minimal compliance issues, while the built-in alarms and LED's provide easy operation and monitoring.
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