Used ADVANCED ENERGY 3156113-014 #9164820 for sale

ID: 9164820
RF Generator For LAM Kiyo etcher.
ADVANCED ENERGY 3156113-014 is a high voltage power supply designed for industrial applications. It features a unique three-stage design that provides up to 3,800 watts of total output power. The output power is adjustable between 0 (OFF) and 3,800 watts with an output range from 0 to 315 VDC. The output current is adjustable up to a maximum of 25 amperes. The power supply has a power factor correction of 95%, allowing for efficient operation even with non-linear loads. In addition, the power supply has integrated EMI and safety features for maximum output stability and safety. The power supply has an internal temperature safety circuit that prevents the unit from running too hot during prolonged operation. It also has a built-in switch mode power factor controller (PFC) and overvoltage protection to ensure maximum performance and reliability. The power supply has internal EMC/EMI protection with EN 55011 & 55013 CE standards for compatibility with other machines and installations. 3156113-014 comes with an AC input range of 85 to 264 VAC at 47-63 Hz and features an active inrush current limiting circuit that provides protection from high inrush currents during your first few minutes of operation. In addition, it has a built-in bipolar (+/-) adjustable output power control circuit with soft-start allowing the user to gradually increase and decrease the output power. ADVANCED ENERGY 3156113-014 also features LED status indicators to indicate various operations of the power supply. Its active PFC circuit and wide operating temperature range offer increased efficiency and stability. It is designed for both parallel and series power applications. This ADVANCED ENERGY power supply is perfect for harsh industrial applications where high power, efficiency, and durability are needed. Its multiple features and advanced technology ensures a smooth and reliable performance while its robust construction makes it perfect for harsh environments. With a standard backed warranty and compliance with international standards, 3156113-014 is the ideal choice for reliable and dependable power supply applications.
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