Used ADVANCED ENERGY A3B0A000BA140L011A #9164818 for sale

ID: 9164818
RF Generators For LAM 2300 Kiyo metal etcher.
ADVANCED ENERGY A3B0A000BA140L011A is an industrial-grade power supply specifically designed for applications requiring highly reliable power and voltage control. This power supply delivers a steady and reliable supply of up to 100 Amps of continuous power, featuring adjustable voltage output and optional current limiting. A3B0A000BA140L011A includes a wide range of power protection features designed to protect equipment from voltage or current surges. These include an active surge protection circuit, with adjustable delay, to prevent power surge damage to sensitive loads, and differential input and output versions provide additional protection from high voltage surges on the input and output lines. The device also provides additional features to help optimize the power delivery process. It includes a wide voltage range, temperature compensation and a status LED for visual indication of voltage level, allowing monitoring of the system's power delivery. ADVANCED ENERGY A3B0A000BA140L011A power supply includes a low ripple design that enables high linearity control for optimum power transfer and stability. This power supply is housed in a compact and rugged enclosure for optimal performance and durability. A3B0A000BA140L011A power supply is suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including medical instrumentation, industrial process control, and defense systems. Additionally, it can be used in a variety of challenging environments, including extreme temperatures and locations exposed to vibration. Overall, ADVANCED ENERGY A3B0A000BA140L011A power supply is an efficient and reliable solution for power delivery needs. It offers protection features to minimize the risk of power surge damage and adjustable voltage output, enabling safe and reliable power for your specific application. Furthermore, its low ripple design, temperature compensation, and status LED enable optimum performance and stability.
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