Used ADVANCED ENERGY APEX 10013 #9164798 for sale

ID: 9164798
RF Generators P/N: A3H2C200KA130E102E For NOVELLUS Speed CVD system.
ADVANCED ENERGY APEX 10013 is a high performance power supply capable of delivering up to 40kW of output power. APEX 10013 features an integrated high-resolution 16-bit digital current loop for precise and repeatable power control, enabling high performance output while maintaining superior accuracy over a wide range of dynamic loads. The included power module is a fully-floating and isolated single-phase design, capable of delivering a maximum output of 200A at 170V. ADVANCED ENERGY APEX 10013 features a unique, easy-to-use graphical touch-screen interface, enabling users to monitor and control the power supply on the fly. The intuitive GUI provides real-time visual feedback on current, voltage, and power settings, helping to reduce set-up time and ensure optimal performance. In addition, APEX 10013 can be triggered from external sources, and it also supports events triggered from PC-based control systems. ADVANCED ENERGY APEX 10013 is equipped with active and passive current and voltage loops, providing high levels of accuracy and repeatability, along with the ability to adapt in real-time to changing loads. Active current loop control ensures that the power supply can track dynamic changes in the load without sacrificing performance. Active voltage loop control allows the power supply to automatically adjust to changing environmental conditions such as line voltage fluctuations. APEX 10013 is designed with safety in mind, and features active current limit protection, overload protection, and ESD protection. The power supply is also ETL-listed, meaning it is in compliance with international safety standards. ADVANCED ENERGY APEX 10013 comes with a complement of remote control functions and software packages, including a graphical user interface that enables precise system control and access to additional features such as the ability to save and recall settings. The software also includes options for data logging and power-equipment simulation, providing users with greater flexibility when working on complex projects. APEX 10013 is a versatile and reliable power supply, capable of providing clean, stable power for a wide range of industrial, scientific, and power electronics applications. With its easy-to-use graphical interface, advanced power control algorithms, and wide range of features, ADVANCED ENERGY APEX 10013 provides a convenient and highly reliable power solution for challenging applications.
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