Used ADVANCED ENERGY Apex 3013 #9164821 for sale

ID: 9164821
RF Generators P/N: 3156113-006 For APPLIED MATERIALS DPS etcher.
ADVANCED ENERGY Apex 3013 power supply is an ultra-sophisticated power control module that provides precise, repeatable power delivery. It is a high performance, medium power equipment that is designed for powering a wide range of devices such as medical, defence, telecom, industrial, or research applications. ADVANCED ENERGY APEX-3013 is able to provide power to resistive, capacitive, or inductive loads, and has five channels of programmable output to achieve precise power delivery to meet a variety of system requirements. This module has a power range from 10.5 Amp/14 Volt to 150 Amp/12 Volt, with a high power density of 20 kW/L. It has a wide input voltage range from 85 Vac to 500 Vac and a maximum power of 0-4500 VA. APEX 30/13 has advanced control features that allow for monitoring of output current and voltage, as well as detailed performance data. It has a user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface that can be quickly configured to meet user's specific needs. Furthermore, this module is designed for long-term reliability and comes with a number of protection features, including input overvoltage, output overvoltage, and overcurrent protection. This ensures that unit safety and critical operations are always guaranteed. Finally, APEX-3013 features an energy saving mode that will automatically reduce input current consumption and reduce power output when not needed. This not only helps to easily reduce energy costs, but also helps to extend the life of the power supply and enable environmentally friendly operation. In summary, ADVANCED ENERGY APEX 30/13 is an ideal solution for anyone searching for a reliable and energy-efficient power control machine.
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