Used ADVANCED ENERGY Apex 3013 #9164823 for sale

ID: 9164823
RF Generator P/N: A3D5L000BA140A121A For APPLIED MATERIALS DPS etcher.
ADVANCED ENERGY Apex 3013 is an effective power supply, ideal for use in industrial, telecom, medical, and military applications where production, cost, and performance requirements are demanding. ADVANCED ENERGY APEX-3013 features reliable, high-performance operation across an impressive 1000 watts of AC and DC power. This high-efficiency, multi-output power supply is housed in a compact, 3U chassis and utilizes switching technology to generate high-quality AC and DC power for today's complex applications. APEX 30/13 features a tight regulation of +/-1%, along with very low noise and ripple, producing an overall low-harmonic signature, lessening distortion, while eliminating the need for additional line conditioners. ADVANCED ENERGY APEX 30/13 has advanced protection and monitoring features too, with full-control alarms and an intuitive local/remote interface. Its full-load continuous output capability ensures that power requirements stays consistent when the demand is high. On top of that, optional remote programming allows for multiple Apex 3013s to be controlled at once. Overall, Apex 3013 is an ideal power supply for use in a variety of situations, with smart features designed for easy operation and extended power requirements in use-dependent scenarios. Its LED display clearly shows information about line and load voltage, line power, power-factor, shorted outputs, and output voltage, making it safe and simple to use. Built-in power factor correction combines a durable design with safety and control, ensuring consistent power delivery and peace-of-mind in industrial applications.
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