Used ADVANCED ENERGY APEX-3K2PIN #9164841 for sale

ID: 9164841
RF Generator P/N: 3156114-001 For APPLIED MATERIALS DPS etcher.
ADVANCED ENERGY APEX-3K2PIN is a 3,000 Watt, state-of-the-art power supply designed to meet the unique needs of high-power systems. This single-input, dual-output power supply is the perfect choice for applications requiring high-performance and reliable DC power delivery. It features a robust design with excellent efficiency that is capable of delivering up to 3,000W in a tightly regulated voltage environment. The power supply is suited for a variety of systems, including telecom, industrial, mobile, instrumentation, and vehicle applications. ADVANCED ENERGY APEX 3K2PIN has an improved converter topology for maximum output stability, making it one of the most powerful supplies on the market. The unit is designed to deliver up to 7.5 amp continuous current supply with a wide range of output voltages that provide the flexibility to have either a single output or multiple outputs. It also includes a hot swappable design for rapid changeovers without power interruption. The unit features excellent temperature protection that guards against heat build-up and over-voltage shutdown. This protection feature ensures that the unit is stable and offers reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions. With its high current capacity, the unit is capable of supplying ultra-fast, enhanced transients with stringent hold-up times. A dual fence construction safeguards the supply from magnetic influence, while its low electromagnetic interference design prevents outside radiation from reaching the system. APEX-3K2PIN also boasts several protection features for the user's safety. It includes an integrated temperature sensor that monitors the enclosure temperature, as well as a sequence delay switch to prevent in-rush current. It also features flame-retardant insulation to reduce the risk of fire. The unit is RoHS compliant and certified by both UL and CE. These certifications provide an added layer of safety and assurance, guaranteeing that the power supply meets the highest standards of quality and performance. With an efficiency rating greater than 90%, the power supply produces minimal heat and can run continuously for extended periods of time with minimal stress. Additionally, its compact size allows for easy integration into a variety of industrial systems. Whether you're looking for a reliable and highly efficient power supply for your industrial system or you need top-tier performance for a high-power system, APEX 3K2PIN is the perfect solution. The unit is designed to offer superior performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications.
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