Used ADVANCED ENERGY CLN 3002 #9185391 for sale

ID: 9185391
DC Generator.
ADVANCED ENERGY CLN 3002 is a high-end power supply designed for critical air and liquid delivery applications. This innovative power supply offers reliable and repeatable performance for precise fluid manipulation. The power supply features a digital display for easy monitoring of the output and status of the unit, and includes a robust and reliable safety system designed to protect users and equipment in the event of a system disruption. CLN 3002 offers a wide range of features designed to ensure consistent and repeatable performance. Its 300 watt power output provides sufficient power for a variety of applications. The standard and advanced settings are both adjustable for exceptional precision and control. Furthermore, ADVANCED ENERGY CLN 3002 includes user-definable limits to protect against excess power consumption and ensure the longevity and safety of equipment and the user. The power supply also features a flexible operating range which allows for a wide range of operating temperatures, from -25 to 120 Degrees Celsius. Additionally, the unit is capable of handling a wide range of energy sources with up to 3-phase power input. This makes the power supply well-suited for use in environments with inconsistent or unreliable power sources. CLN 3002 is designed for easy installation and maintenance. It is self-contained and includes multiple connectors for versatile integration with existing systems. Additionally, the unit offers remote control and monitoring via a graphical user interface. This allows users to monitor and control the output, protect against damaging electrical conditions, and ensure a safe and seamless power delivery. ADVANCED ENERGY CLN 3002 is a powerful and reliable power supply that will meet the needs of many different applications. With a wide temperature range, advanced control features, and a reliable safety system, it is an ideal solution for any critical air and liquid delivery systems. The unit is also well-suited to highly specialized research projects as its advanced functions and digital display allow for easy monitoring and control.
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