Used ADVANCED ENERGY HFV 8000 #9177158 for sale

ID: 9177158
RF Generator Model no: 3155083-109.
ADVANCED ENERGY HFV 8000 is a high-performance DC power supply designed to deliver extremely accurate, clean, and reliable power when used with sensitive electrical systems. Its power delivery system consists of a high frequency switching circuit operating at over 8 kilohertz with a filtering system that is second to none. ADVANCED ENERGY HFV8000 features a robust output switching system that is optimized for the highest efficiency and lowest noise and ripple rates available in the market. The power supply has a universal input voltage range from 90VAC to 600VAC, and delivers rated power up to 8kW. It also features multiple output voltage ranges, from 0-800VDC to 0-3000VDC, giving the user a versatile tool for any voltage output needed. HFV-8000 is equipped with multiple safety features that ensure the highest safety standards in the industry, including auto-shutdown, EMI reduction circuitry, temperature control, and overload protection. The power supply also has a large, backlit LCD that can be used to display the real-time operation status of the supply, including output voltage and current, power range, and operating temperature. ADVANCED ENERGY HFV-8000 has a compact, durable design and is easy to install and operate. It supports a wide variety of control methods, including USB, RS232, and Ethernet protocol, giving the user flexibility in communication as well as programming protocols and parameters. In conclusion, HFV 8000 is an ideal power supply for any application that requires an extremely accurate, clean, and reliable power delivery, and provides the highest safety standards in the industry, backed by the award-winning performance and technical support of ADVANCED ENERGY.
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