Used ADVANCED ENERGY HFV 8000 #9179040 for sale

ID: 9179040
RF Generator P/N: 0190-15553-001.
ADVANCED ENERGY HFV 8000 is a high-frequency, high-voltage power supply with a wide continuous input voltage range from 100V to 300V AC single-phase, and full load input power of 9 kW. It is a highly efficient, up to 93%, compact design with an integrated isolation transformer, auto-ranging, and full active PFC, allowing easy integration into many applications. ADVANCED ENERGY HFV8000 is capable of generating up to 8 kW of DC power at voltages ranging from -3.5kV to +3.5kV. It has high power conversion efficiency over a wide load range, enabling high system utilization and improved performance when compared to lower frequency designs. The unit includes a simple keypad level interface with easy to read display with current, voltage, and power levels for each output. HFV-8000 is designed for use in applications that require high power and high frequency such as vacuum furnaces, printed circuit board manufacture, and other industrial processes. Its unique high-frequency switching topology allows for superior dynamic response, enabling the power supply to quickly and accurately regulate voltage in rapidly changing process environments. The internal short circuit isolator allows for safe operation in potentially damaging fault conditions. HFV8000 includes over-current and over-temperature protection, as well as built-in remote monitoring and control interfaces. In addition, it has an intuitive remote panel which allows users to monitor and control the power supply with ease. The unit also includes a ground fault interrupter for additional safety and a smart bypass relay which will enable a smooth transition from one redundant power supply to another. ADVANCED ENERGY HFV-8000 power supply is ideal for applications requiring reliable and high-performance power conversion. Its small size, high efficiency, excellent regulation at high frequency, integrated isolation transformer, and full active PFC give HFV 8000 the advantage of being a powerful and versatile solution for many power conversion applications.
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