Used ADVANCED ENERGY HFV 8000 #9179443 for sale

ID: 9179443
RF Generator P/N: 0190-24488-001.
ADVANCED ENERGY HFV 8000 is a reliable, high performance power supply designed to deliver a wide range of reliable electrical power for a variety of applications. This ruggedized power equipment offers exceptional efficiency and flexibility to meet the most demanding requirements of today's modern industrial systems. This advanced and intelligent system features an 8 kW total output with a combined output of 4 kW at 95 VAC or 8 kW at 48 VAC, 400 Hz, and 60 Hz power. It also offers 6kW at 20kHz and 300VAC or 6kW at 5MHz, 115VAC, and 50 Hz. This unit can provide dual output configurations with a power factor output range of 0.95 to 0.75, a regulation range of ±0.5% and a maximum output of 6kVA or 390W. Additionally, this machine includes an optional remote control interface that allows users to control the power levels from another location. ADVANCED ENERGY HFV8000 is designed with durable, long-lasting components and is rigorously tested to withstand the demands of the toughest industrial environments. The power supply has a highly efficient output of 90% at full load and a minimal operating temperature of 0-50 °C. The tool also features an advanced digital/analog circuit topology with a wide input operating range of ±15 kV and ±5% line regulation. Additionally, HFV-8000 offers a high specification, including an adjustable voltage and frequency output state, a frequency drifter mode, over temperature and overload protection, a fan speed control and LED indicators. HFV8000 provides a dependable and reliable power supply solution for a wide range of industrial applications. This advanced asset features an intelligent power management model, a wide input operating range, and a comprehensive set of features, making it a cost-effective and reliable power solution. With its advanced design, convenient setup and easy maintenance, this equipment ensures the highest performance for any application.
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